Behind The Camera

Hi, I’m Kristin

a photographer from Montreal who is passionate about the outdoors and nature. I love adventure, travel, and capturing the magic of the world around us. Being immersed in nature has always given me a unique sense of peace, tranquility and clarity, that is often hard to find in our fast paced world. Whether I’m exploring a remote wilderness or simply wandering through a local park, I’m always on the lookout for those fleeting moments of beauty and wonder that make life so special and make me feel more present. As an artist, I have always been captivated by the magnificence and complexity of the world around us; as such, my work is heavily inspired by nature and all its intricate details, from the unique colours of a sunset, to the winding vines of a forest floor, or the untamed wildness of a mountain range .

I believe that art has the power to transport us to another realm, and so I strive to imbue my pieces with a sense of wonder and magic, that can transport us to a place of serenity. Through my art, I hope to share my sense of awe with others, to encourage them to slow down and appreciate the majesty of the natural world, to see the beauty that lies in even the smallest and most ordinary things, and perhaps to help foster a deeper connection to the world around us.


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